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Feng Shui

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics that combines astronomy (heaven) and earth. Positive effects come from the combination and provide the energy called Chi. The Bagua diagram consists of LI (Reputation), SUN (Prosperity), CHEN (Health), KEN ( Knowledge), K'AN ( (Life Path), CH'IEN ( Travel), TUI (Creativity), and K'UN (Relationships.)

There are Feng Shui experts that assist people that want to make their living space, well... calm and zen. Believe me, the Bagua is complicated. It's a multi level chart that divides the living space by geographic location, color, elements, seasons, There are areas of male and female energy, Kua numbers (yes, there is math) East and West directions, and Productive and Destructive element cycles.

We are not experts and this is a most basic interpretation, but we hope it inspires you to research Feng Shui further to make your personal living space more calm and zen.

LI: Fame or Reputation, Summer-noon, Fire, Red, South

K'UN: Marriage/Partners, Autumn-afternoon, Earth, Pink, Southwest

TUI: Creativity/Children, Autumn-afternoon, Metal, White, West

CH'IEN: Benefactors, Winter-night, Metal, Grey, Northwest

K'AN: Career, Winter-night, Water, Black, North

KEN: Knowledge, Spring-morning, Earth, Dark Blue, Northeast

CHEN: Health, Spring-morning, Wood, Green, East

SUN: Wealth, Summer-noon, Wood, Purple, Southeast

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