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The Sun

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

There is so much information about the damage that the sun causes to your skin, how heat and sun exposure can cause dehydration, the aging effects and other negatives. All true. But the positive effect is the boost in serotonin that improves your mood. The vitamin D benefit is important too. Except for times of drought, sunny days are far nicer than rainy days!

UV protection is important to maintain your health. People with certain medical conditions need to be careful and so do folks that are taking medications. Any amount of tanning can be harmful. But with proper protection and precautions, the mood boosting effects of natural sunlight are worth the trouble of taking steps to minimize risks.

The sun is part of mythology. It's been called Helios and Sol. The sun is actually a star more than 100 times larger than the earth. It has flares and storms and it's fascinated humans since the beginning of time. Some of the most beautiful photographs and paintings depict a sunrise or sunset.

Watch a sunset and b-calm-b-zen.


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