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Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps are available all over the internet and available for sale in your local store. Prices are all over the place. It's a cool accessory for your home or office and they are supposed to have incredible health benefits. I finally bought one with an LED color changing light inside and yes, it is pretty.

Himalayan salt lamps are carved from the pink salt mined from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan. Some websites state that if the salt does not come from Pakistan, it's a fake. Some say the fake lamps are not made from salt at all and if you drop them on the floor and they don't break, they are definitely a fake. Mine came in a box from a company based in California. When I took it out of the box, the label stated that it was made in China. So can a US company that gets their products from China, sell an authentic Salt Lamp? I suppose that it can, but nowhere in the odd direction sheet does it claim to use salt from Pakistan. The box states that the lamp is antimicrobial, may reduce harmful ions, and emits a soothing glow. It does emit a soothing glow!

Among the warnings on the fact sheet: Keep away from direct sunlight. Do not expose to liquids or the lamp may dissolve. If the lamp is turned off for extended periods the lamp should be placed on a tray or water will start to pool.(Yikes! This is basically an electric appliance and water can pool?) Do not immerse in water. What? Put a lamp in water? It should say "Just like a toaster, don't throw it into the bathtub while bathing - will cause death." The fact sheet says to keep the salt lamp away from pets. Sites selling the lamps say it is not harmful to your pet. Writers on the internet tend to disagree. Word of advice - just keep the lamp away from your pet. Some people even claimed that the ion feature caused their pet to have seizures until they removed the lamp from the home.

What do fans of salt lamps claim? These are BIG claims.

Better Sleep

Better Mood

More Energy

Improved Breathing

Reduced Stress

Elimination of Migraine Headaches

Reduced Production of Cancer Cells

All of the above is said to be the result of negative ions produced by the lamp. There is much to read about bad positive ions and good negative ions. The effects of ions is based in science; the benefits of the lamps, not so much. And by the way, there is no salt mine in the Himalayas. The salt from an "authentic" lamp comes from Pakistan (or Poland!)

My own research, done by sitting next to the lamp while using the computer has brought me to the following conclusions:

1. My research is REALLY limited

2. My mood is better because I like to look at the odd lamp that turns different colors.

3. My stress is reduced as I gaze at the odd lamp that turns different colors.

4. I have no idea if any HSL will do what they claim, but I will keep the one that I bought.

5. I need to do more extensive research.

6. I will invest in a lamp that is "certified" authentic before I do more research.



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