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Life of Virtuous Evolution is L.o.V.E.

Declare your religious/belief system, whatever that might be. Then ask yourself how you show compassion for your fellow inhabitants of the earth. To do this, you must deeply search your beliefs and find the kindness. Saying "I am a devout..." is not an understanding of what you stand for.

Life of Virtuous Evolution is an annex community. We do not ask you to change religion, adopt a new religion, or follow any religion at all. We only ask that you embrace an awakening and understanding of your belief system to find the positive messages and declare that you will strive to live them to the best of your ability.

Life of Virtuous Evolution Tenets

  • Be respectful of people of all races, ethnicities, religions, ages, abilities, and socio-economic statuses. Respect animals and the environment.

  • Understand your religion or belief system. Affirm your values.

  • Show kindness and compassion every day.

  • Evolve. Learn about the beliefs of others and look for their positive messages to better understand how we are all interconnected. Read. Interact. Listen. Understand. Evolve as a person.

  • Be truthful. If you err, admit it.

  • Love. The human experience is relatively short. There are no winners or losers, but there is always an opportunity for individuals to embrace compassion and love.

Did you notice anything about these tenets? Anyone of any belief system can accept them and make a positive impact be it large or small.

Here is a simple example. An elderly neighbor needs assistance in their home moving a piece of furniture across a room and cannot do it alone. You are young and strong and can move it with ease in a minute. You show kindness and offer to help him. You respect him for who he is. Then the neighbor asks you to wear a mask when you enter his house because he is fearful of virus transmission. You don't think it is a threat and you don't wear a mask anywhere. So what do you do? You can have a 15 minute argument about diseases, or you can be respectful of his feelings and wear a mask for a few minutes while in the house. You then notice his dog sleeping on the sofa and ask if you can bring back a few treats for his canine friend. Wow. In a few minutes time, you've expressed respect, kindness and love. It didn't cost anything. It wasn't difficult. It didn't matter if you have different belief systems. You are evolving every day! Welcome to a Life of Virtuous Evolution.


Rev. Rory

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