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4th of July & Mindfulness

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July. Most people will enjoy a few days away from their usual schedule. You don't need to take time off from mindfulness and meditation! The noise and flurry of the holiday may make it challenging but fear not, you can still take 15 minutes for yourself.

The first step of meditation is breathing and concentrating on each breath. To get away from activities and distractions, consider taking some preparatory steps.

  • Identify a room or outside area with less distractions than the "party" or gathering area.

  • Find a comfortable cushion or straight chair.

  • Have your favorite nature sounds or zen/spa music available on a phone or tablet.

  • Have ear buds or headphones (even better) to help mute any distractions.

  • Set a timer on your phone or choose music that lasts for about 15 minutes.

There! You are now ready to excuse yourself graciously and politely from the group for a short amount of time. This is not ideal but it is an excellent experiment for yourself. Can you be quiet and calm in the midst of activity? Not exactly, but you can remove yourself from the festivities for a very short while to relax, recharge, and think of nothing but your breath.

If you are new to meditation, you will find this to be more difficult than expected. Watch this blog for future information on the first steps of meditation. Yes, it takes years to master. So if you do not wish to meditate, be calm and mindful for 15 minutes. Listen to the sounds coming from your device. If you are lucky, you will be celebrating the holiday in a place with ACTUAL NATURE SOUNDS! And when others complain about rain or an impending storm, you can use that time to relax and reflect.

Now rejoin the party!

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