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Mindfulness and Diet

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Healthy Salad

Is it possible that in addition to Mindfulness and Chiropractic, Medicine, Exercise, Massage, Education, Work, Relationships, etc. there exists Mindful Eating? Absolutely. Since mindfulness is awareness of the moment, mindless eating is the opposite. Mindless eating is what we do when we don't pay attention as we eat and watch television, eat and surf the web, choke down a fast lunch at work, or go crazy at the all- you- can- eat buffet.

There is some interesting information to be found about Mindfulness and Diet. "The Mindfulness Diet" has downloads to guide you for whatever amount you wish to donate. That is, what is it worth to you? According to the author of the pdf and mp3 programs, "in the dana tradition, as the receiver of the teachings, you also have an opportunity to practice generosity by donating any amount that feels right to you." We have not tried this, so can't endorse it, but if you are interested, the Mindfulness Diet site is worth a look.

Time Magazine thought mindfulness and dieting was worth a look in 2016 when Mandy Oaklander wrote an article titled Can You Lose Weight On the Mindfulness Diet?

If you are mindful when you eat, certainly one would think that you could lose weight if you pay attention to the texture, aroma, appearance, and flavors of everything you eat.

What can become confusing is everything written about mindfulness and diet (eating food is your diet) and trying to lose weight (dieting) is called "Mindfulness and Diet. And when the word "diet" as in "lose weight fast" is part of the the conversation, clever marketing forces (translation: what can I sell you?) come into play. So to investigate a little deeper, we checked to see what the Harvard School of Medicine had to say. There is research that does support mindful dieting.

There are Mindfulness Eating apps for your mobile device. Not necessarily a bad thing, but do you need to pay for an app to be reminded to be mindful of what you eat? Why do they have recipes? If you do, that's okay too. Here's the point: mindful eating is paying attention to what you eat, how you eat it, what it is like, and avoiding distractions. A healthy diet is better than a junk diet but mindful eating is not about someone telling you WHAT to eat. It is about you - discovering, and becoming mindful, of your diet.

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