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Cold? Be Mindful by the Fireplace.

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

It's winter. It's cold - almost everywhere. It's great to get wrapped up in a warm blanket and sit in front of the fireplace. Or a fire pit. Maybe by a pot belly stove. Or in front of a tablet or tv with a fireplace video streaming into your living room. There is always a way to "make do" using what is available.

In the summer, listening to the rain is relaxing. During the winter, the snap and crackle of a fire is just as relaxing. Before you curl up with your favorite book or fall asleep by that fireplace, take 15 minutes for your daily meditation/mindful exercise. Close your eyes and do a simple breathing exercise. Keep your eyes closed and listen, smell, concentrate. Experience the warmth and smell of the fire. Maintain slow breaths. Feel as your heartbeat feels calm and regular. The moments that you experience have everything to do with warmth and comfort and nothing to do with the outside cold. Ahhhhhh.


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