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Have a Calm and Zen Holiday Season

This blogger has been MIA for awhile. But only from blogging, not from everything else. It was always possible and IS always possible to find 20 minutes, 5 minutes, 1 minute for mindfulness.

Every. Single. Day.

Those few minutes are an exercise when you first practice mindfulness. Not matter how serious you want to be, it's more like a game early on. But practice makes...not perfect, but competent and someday masterful. Wherever you are in the journey, it's a natural exercise at the most difficult and joyful times.

The winter holiday season, regardless of what you celebrate or don't celebrate, is everywhere. No lectures here about correct or incorrect behavior! Focusing on the moment means that thoughts of holiday activities can be part of the moment. So briefly: Be quiet. Be alone for a few minutes. Focus on your breathing. Okay, get back to your day. Have a calm and zen holiday season.


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