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RV Life - Is It For You?

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Recently, we at bcalmbzen heard from the editor of Your RV Lifestyle, a website that provides excellent information about everything RV. Your RV Lifestyle found our Travel the World page and let us know that they have a great article about Colorado, 100 Best Things to Do in Colorado. I recommend that you check it out if you think Colorado travel is in your future or if you just want to know more about all the great things to do, winter and summer. (Skiing is great but it's a big state. There is so much more.)

If you know nothing about the RV life or even if you are experienced and spend a lot of time on the road, check out their website - there is a lot of great information packed into Your RV Life.

Visit the bcalmbzen travel page and discover the United States, the world, and don't forget - Discover the Forest. A small portion of the Forest site is currently not available (July 2019) but much of the site is there and if you travel, it's worth a look. The National Park Service has a beautiful site. If you are 62+ years of age, an annual pass is $20 and the lifetime pass is $80. If at least one person in your group has the pass, it's good for everyone in the vehicle, regardless of age! Don't take our word for it. Go the website and check out the most current information.

And above all, during your travels, find time to meditate, smell the roses, and be calm and be zen.


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