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Happy April

Hi Everyone. I am working on not just updating, but also learning how to use the new apps within the Wix site. After three years of trying to squeak out some time to build the site and maintain it, I finally have time to tend to it. The site is for you to enjoy, not take too seriously, and share with anyone that needs a little "zen" in their life.

My favorite page is the Relax page. I like to display it on a large screen and just watch the waves roll in and return. Very relaxing to me! That's the only page that doesn't fully function on a phone. You need a computer to truly appreciate that page. The Facebook page is once again available and the latest posts (in a cube!) can be accessed from the Facebook tab. Most posts pull from other sites and is only updated every 24 hours, so should you see a post that doesn't work, a new one should replace it the next day. Remember, nothing is for sale on this site, so I find the best content that I can that's available for free. You will not see a request for donations; it is at my own expense. I also create content whenever I am moved to share something special.

Even during my busiest days, I always make time to meditate and be mindful. These days, I couldn't get by without mindful moments.

The Nature Pics tab will be updated when I am able (and everyone else is able for that matter) to travel again. I will seek the grandest mountains, most delicate flowers, beautiful trees, but most importantly - simple things that are beautiful. Speaking of travel, the Travel tab continues to link to official travel sites for every state. All of them are very good and some of them are fabulous! Take a virtual trip around the U.S.

It's good to be back. Peace

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