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How to Vote! The most important post on the internet at this moment in time is this post.

Assembled, all in one place, voting information for everyone in every state.

"How to Vote" is not my opinion about who to vote for - that's up to you. Should you vote? Yes, if you are eligible. Will these links help you to learn if you are eligible? Yes. Should you know something about who and what you are voting for? Of course! These links can help you learn who, what, where and when. Read on...and share, share, share. If a link doesn't work, copy and paste the address into your browser.

Check your voter registration and research every name and measure on the ballot.

Is there a race in your state? Did you know that there are webcasts and video available?

Are you voting for your next governor this year?

These links are fluid. The sites changes along with each administration.

This is not a presidential voting year.

Do you know anything about SCOTUS? They provide audio and video too.

Did you ever read the Constitution of the United States?

Remember: Facebook, Twitter, and Social Media in general never made anyone an "informed" voter and television news and opinion shows, regardless of station/network are just a partial picture of any situation at any given time. Respect yourself and educate yourself. I guarantee that most of these links will teach you something new. BCalmBZen always encourages visitors to respect themselves... always. Enjoy your reading and vote!


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