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Is There Anything Positive Happening in the World? Yes!

  1. NASA

The first exciting happening in the world is not exactly "in the world." It's more "out of this world." NASA's James Webb Space Telescope, a partnership with ESA (European Space Agency) and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), will release its first full-color images and spectroscopic data on July 12, 2022. As we near the end of preparing the observatory for science, we are on the precipice of an incredibly exciting period of discovery about our universe. The release of Webb’s first full-color images will offer a unique moment for us all to stop and marvel at a view humanity has never seen before,” said Eric Smith, Webb program scientist at NASA Headquarters in Washington. “These images will be the culmination of decades of dedication, talent, and dreams – but they will also be just the beginning."

2. Goats Create Firebreaks in California.

The goats happily gobble everything up, creating environmentally-friendly fire breaks.

3. Dozens of public art installations are drawing people to Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Ricardo Moody, a local high school art teacher, has worked on several pieces of public art in the city, including a mural on the side of a building called "Wonderful Day." Inspired by a Maya Angelou quote, he worked on the mural with several of his students, and they incorporated their school colors in the piece.

4. Single Dad Carries His Son With Disabilities 9 Miles Every Day So That He Can Go To School.

Yu Xukang, 40, a single dad from the Sichuan Province in China, walks 9 miles every day with his son, Xiao Qiang, strapped to his back so that the boy can get an education. The 12-year-old has a disorder that has caused his arms and legs to become twisted and his back to be hunched over, and there is no public transportation available to take him to class...

5. Utah Pets Now Have A Safe Place To Stay If Their Owners Enter Rehab.

Ruff Haven Crisis Sheltering recently partnered with Odyssey House, Utah's largest comprehensive addiction program, to provide three months of free pet boarding while their owners seek treatment.

6. Electric scooters for nurses speed up healthcare in Indian mining hub

A new state scheme for electric scooters is boosting nurses' mobility and their ability to reach patients faster.

7. The surprising benefits of woodworking

When carrying out the woodwork, your brain will be fully focused on the present and forget all of your obligations and stressors from the real world. These moments of mindfulness are great for your mental health by reducing stress and your risk of depression. It’s also a great self-esteem booster to see how capable you are of creating beautiful things from your own two hands.

8. I Do Random Acts Of Kindness To Brighten Strangers' Lives — But There's A Twist

"I use a particular formula — a three-person process — for committing my good deeds. No one has ever refused my offer."

9. A New Fund Is Helping Black Farmers in Detroit Purchase Land

To address the land ownership issue, the Detroit Black Farmer Land Fund was created last year on Juneteenth, a holiday that marks the ending of slavery for African Americans in the U.S.

10. Water-Guzzling Yards Are Getting a Celebrity Makeover

A new reality series is using the HGTV method to tackle Florida’s water supply issues.

A central aim of the series is to show Florida homeowners how to conserve water, an issue that’s becoming increasingly important as the state’s population swells.

There are people all over the world making a small difference every day. We have to scan the news to find it, but it's out there. This blogger spent a few hours scanning online news to find these amazing stories, but most of the sites have newsletters that you can sign up for that will deliver good news to you every week or every day. I was inspired to look for this good news after spending a short time on social media this morning. Mostly, sm is anonymous and ugly. Put a little happiness into your day, every day and read some good news.


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Cliff Lyons
Cliff Lyons
05 de jun. de 2022

I especially like #7

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