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Symbols are everywhere. We make a connection when we see one or wonder what it means if we never came across it in the past.

Symbols can be visual or audible. Let's talk about visual symbols. Some are simple. Green means "go" and red means "stop." If you can't see the color, the position of the symbol is the trigger to knowing what it means.

What if spotting a symbol became an exercise in mindfulness? Can you look at the symbols around you and take 60 seconds for a mindful moment? A house of worship is full of symbols. No matter where you look there are reminders of why you are there. But that is only one example.

The pictures below will help you to get started finding visual cues all around you to start a 60 second mindful moment.

What's your sign? What does it mean?

Is it new or has it been worn for decades?

Is this a USA tradition or do they hand out similar stickers in other countries?

Symbols in our food and drinks.

Honoring those that are gone.

Is this for a season, a holiday, or both?

Change is coming.

A celebration.

Zen stones.

Enough hints. Start looking for a symbol and have a mindful minute.


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