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Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving is about five weeks away. Your family may be planning to get together, as usual. Your family/friends may decide to skip the whole affair. Maybe a virtual get together is in the cards. Perhaps Thanksgiving is always a big headache and a pandemic is a great excuse (I guess a pandemic can have an "up" side) to skip everything. It's possible that you love a big get together but you have concerns for some of your family members or friends or even for yourself. You might end up spending the holiday alone, and that is your wish. You might be alone and already stressed that a holiday will make you miserable.

How you feel about Thanksgiving 2020 has a lot to do with your age, medical status, economic status, family situation and other factors. It is different from any other Thanksgiving holiday anyone you know has ever experienced, unless they were born sometime around 1910 (and can remember their childhood) as we haven't had this situation in over 100 years.

Wealthy? You can hire a concierge doctor/nurse team to come to your home and test you and each of your guests. Yes, people do that. I don't condemn them for it. I would like everyone, of any economic status, to have access to affordable rapid testing. It would render this conversation nearly moot.

Don't Believe the Virus Exists? Some Americans believe that the pandemic doesn't exist and will make their decisions based on that belief. If you are in this group, you can still read on if some of the people you wish to celebrate with don't share your beliefs. It changes the dynamic.

Out of Work? Your ability to travel to a family/friend event due to your unexpected job loss may limit your options. Last year was fine; this year is complicated.

Over 50 or have a medical condition? You will have concerns that need to be addressed. Although the medical community says age 65 and over is the age group of worry, enough people in their 50's have had enough serious outcomes that it may be on your mind.

Young, healthy family? You probably have the most options if you celebrate with others like yourself.

Whatever you decide to do, don't let it be a last minute decision. The best way to prepare yourself emotionally (if needed) is to think about how you would like to proceed, and decide well in advance. Most of all, don't pressure anyone in your circle, or let them pressure you. Allow each person or family unit to make their own decision.

However you spend the holiday, find time to have mindful moments.

There is some (not a lot) of information available with holiday celebration suggestions for 2020. My impression is that writers in general are hesitant to suggest much of ANYTHING, so they refer to the CDC recommendations. The virtual get together recommendations below are the most helpful as they give concrete ideas and tips. Virtual is great but won't work for everyone. Whatever you decide to do, be well - be happy - be thankful.


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