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Traditional Tai Chi Elements

Basic moves to introduce you to the ancient art of Tai Chi from the experts at Harvard Medical School. The movements are very slow in this demonstration.

Let's be honest. Video Tai Chi lessons are an introduction. There are several different styles, different teachers use similar but different terms for the movements, and there is no replacement for in-person instruction by a Tai Chi Master/Sifu/Sensei/Teacher/Instructor or whatever the leader is called. This is true for all martial arts and yoga. Someone that can tell you to relax your shoulders or turn your foot out at 45 degrees is best done in person. But in order to get a sense of what is available and what interests you (and works best for your personal physical abilities) video and books are a great introduction. You don't know what you are looking for if you don't know what you are looking for!

Before embarking on any exercise program, always consult your medical provider.

This video includes:

  • Raising the Power 0.00 (Preparation)

  • Wave Hands Like Clouds 2:22

  • Withdraw and Push 7:24 (Pushing Chi)

  • Grasp the Sparrow's Tail 12:15 (Grasp the bird's Tail)

  • Brush Knee, Twist, Step, Push 18:01 (Hold the ball, Brush Knee)

  • Golden Rooster Stand on One Leg 25:08 (Snake Creeps, Pheasant Stands)

Again, after you learn about Tai Chi, seek out a local group class. There are free classes in parks and libraries, group classes at the local gym (sometimes), individual training, and private schools that offer a variety of classes including fighting styles, seated styles, long (108) forms and short (24) forms and everything in between - and beyond! There are Tai Chi classes for injury recovery, Parkinson's patients, mental health, and sports enhancement. No matter what you decide is right for you, daily practice, even if it's only 10 minutes a day, is the key to enjoying and benefiting from the practice of Tai Chi.


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Another well written and informative article.

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