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Learning To Be Mindful

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Mindfulness seems like a lot of work to obtain calmness, doesn't it? And it's everywhere - in books, video, radio shows, blogs, and on and on. But it's not work - it's a journey. So where do you begin? It is up to you to find the medium that is most likely to catch your attention and keep your attention. Maybe you would like to start the journey with a child. Yes, there are books for children, including one called Sitting Like a Frog by Eline Snel. The Kindle store has over 1,000 books on Mindfulness. There are over 111,000 different items related to Mindfulness. So it is established that there is no shortage of books on the subject!

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of videos. Some are guided Mindfulness and the purpose of other video is to assist you with Mindfulness by setting a mood. An example is Zen Garden Ginkgo Trees- Relaxation, Meditation, Mindfulness. Keep in mind, BCBZ is not recommending or promoting any video or book or other medium. When we are, we will plainly let you know! What we do recommend is that you read about Mindfulness and decide what course you want to take because it takes years to truly be mindful.

You can start with this website just by listening to the ocean featured under the "Relax" tab. If you are fortunate to live near a beach, go and listen to the real ocean! But most of us are nowhere near a beach and with video, in the case of this website, a GIF fills in for the real thing.

If you want to run a marathon, you don't start practice on the day of the marathon. You train for months or years. Along the way you may find that you don't have the physical strength or stamina to run a full marathon, BUT, you found joy in running shorter distances or just walking every day. You did not fail. On your journey to the marathon, you found something else more to your liking, and that is success. If you knew at the start that you could never run the marathon, you may not have started the journey and in turn, missed the true path of your journey. So start your journey of learning to be mindful and see where it takes you.

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