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Small Space Tai Chi

If you don't have a lot of room, inside or outside of your home OR if you just want to keep your tai chi practice limited to a small area, it is possible. There are two different programs presented here: 30 Days of Tai chi Simplified 8 (Open the Door to Tai chi) and Tai chi in 5 minutes a day (Taiflow.) It is recommended that you clear any exercise program with your medical professional. Yes, there is advertising within some videos, as they are free, YouTube versions. BcalmBzen is not affiliated in any way with the advertisers. These online programs offered by Diane and Lei are a great supplement to your in-person training or as an introduction to Tai chi.

Click on the picture to access the 30 Days of Tai Chi page.

Here are 5 videos for the 5 Minutes a Day Program.


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