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Third Eye Chakra

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

The symbol for the Third Eye Chakra is a lotus with two petals. Third Eye is about intuition and clarity. The location of the Third Eye is the middle of the head, behind the eyebrows. The Crown Chakra is associated with the upper brain and RIGHT eye. The Third Eye is associated with the brain and LEFT eye. Other Third Eye body links include the brain,ears, nose, nervous system and pituitary gland. It is also related to balance. Chakras have aromas and Third Eye is Jasmine.

Remember, we are referring to Hinduism and union with the divine. Calm-Zen presents various ideas, cultures, beliefs and more and does promote any religion or no religion. We find various beliefs to be fascinating! We present each, religious or not, to help you find your way to becoming calm and zen. And ZEN, as you may remember from our early posts, has an urban definition.

So what ARE we and what are we doing on this site and in the blog? Is it just a mixture of ideas that we expect the reader to combine into a belief system? No, no, no. Calm-Zen only wishes to provide information that will help you in your quest for mindfulness or just to introduce you to topics that you may want to investigate. Over time, we will delve deeper into as many of these topics. But we are starting slow and doing that for a reason. Too much at once, too many different ideas, is just a bunch of words taking up space. Clam-Zen wants you to relax, experience the best around you (wherever you may be) and get away, just for a few minutes, from the noise of life.

Take a cleansing breath and b-calm b-zen.


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