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Summary of the Seven Chakras

The Seven Chakras

During the last couple of weeks, BCBZ published short blog posts to introduce our readers to the Seven Chakras. This is a very basic look that you may wish to investigate further on your journey to becoming calm/zen/mindful. Visit our site to hear the mantra sounds.

Hindu chakra - energy nodes in the human body.

Crown - Sahasrara: Pure Awareness - OM (B). 1,000 lotus petals, violet.

Third Eye - Ajna: Perception - KSHAM (A). 2 lotus petals, indigo

Throat - Vishuddha: Creativity - HAM (G). 16 petals, turquoise.

Heart - Anahata: Love - YAM (F). 12 petals, green.

Solar Plexus - Manipura: Power - RAM (E). 10 petals, golden yellow.

Sakral - Svadhisthana: Emotions - VAM (D). 6 petals, orange.

Root - Muladhara: Physical Senses - LAM (C). 4 petals, red.

B calm, B zen


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