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Mindfulness at Work

A University of Washington study found that attention is a trainable resource and that certain forms of meditation constitute a viable form of such training. Wow! So what else did they say?

"Multitasking is a widespread phenomenon in today’s information saturated world, and there is considerable concern about its negative consequences for both personal health and effectiveness. This has resulted in strong requests for guidance and understanding from parents, educators, employers, and workers."

This was a small study, in a single area, with a single Zen trainer. It was built around the trainers schedule; however, it does suggest some of the following possibilities:

Mindfulness is contagious.

Mindfulness improves focus.

Mindfulness helps you to accept criticism.

Mindfulness helps you to listen and filter.

Mindfulness can help in workplace team relationships.

Mindfulness may help you to be a better leader.

Mindfulness may reduce stress.

B calm, B zen.


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