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How to Do Tai Chi

Tai Chi

There is a Tai Chi wiki with video and text that's very straightforward and simple. It has a Creative Common license and we chose to share it here at B Calm B Zen.

"Practice in stressful situations. Once you are more proficient at tai chi, move it into your daily life to reduce stress. Practice the concepts of tai chi in highly stressful situations, such as traffic jams, or a high-intensity work meeting, to lessen the tension and restore inner calm and balance. As a form of meditation, tai chi is able to help you learn to understand yourself better and thereby deal with others more effectively. Thus, when stressful situations arise, tai chi learning will help you to be assertive and respectful of others, as well as staying in the present and dealing with the situation before you with calmness. Tai chi helps you learn to merge the opposing forces of yin and yang, self and the world to achieve a natural balance for physical and spiritual well-being."

Tai Chi does not take great physical ability, is suitable for all ages, can be practiced almost anywhere, and is a stress reliever. It takes practice but getting started is not difficult. There is no cost to get started or even to continue your study. Read some basic information (start with the Mayo Clinic!), try it out, decide to make the commitment, and then practice. You can practice inside, outside, alone, in a group, with or without an instructor, in any comfortable clothing, day or night. This is the most flexible program you will find when it comes to exercise and mindfulness.

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