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The Power of Nature

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Nature is the natural world. It is everything of the world not created by humans, although humans are also part of the world. Nature is beautiful and glorious. It demands respect. It can be at odds with humans as the hurricanes that just occurred in Texas, the Caribbean and Florida demonstrate. Fires in the west destroyed forests and homes. Millions of people faced peril and some, sadly, did not survive. There is now an opportunity to rebuild the cities and the infrastructure that was destroyed.

How will we, as a society, rebuild? First and foremost, we will provide for our neighbors with life sustaining basics - water, food, temporary shelter. Water supplies and power will be restored. Cell towers will be repaired. Debris will be removed. Businesses will reopen.

After a disaster, great improvements can be made. Housing can be more thoughtfully located and constructed to respect the natural world and the power of nature. Utilities can be protected by placing them underground when possible. Dams can be rebuilt using the very worst scenario as a guide to make the safest structure possible. The humans that barely escaped with their lives may realize that things are just things (possessions) and it is life that is precious.

Will sweeping changes happen in the aftermath of events that affected millions of people? That's doubtful. Change and progress rarely happen quickly. Individuals can make changes and decisions that eventually might contribute to the greater good and immediately can improve the situation for the individual. And that's a start.

Fear in the face of danger is healthy. It helps us to survive. Thoughtful, informed debate after the danger is how we improve our relationship with nature. Mindfulness is how we maintain our calm and zen.

Be safe. Peace.

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