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Epigenetic Clock and Mindfulness. Huh?

Updated: Apr 10, 2020


An epigenetic clock is a type of DNA clock based on measuring natural DNA methylation levels to estimate the biological age of a tissue, cell type or organ (Wikipedia.)

Alright, DNA can be used to predict lifespan/aging. With that information, financial planning, buying insurance, etc. would be entirely different. Emotionally, it takes some of the spark out of the life journey. It's information that you would absolutely WANT to know...or absolutely NOT want to know.

What does mindfulness have to do with the epigenetic clock? An article in mindful magazine referenced a small, and we mean REALLY small study that found that meditation, with its stress-taming benefits, may slow the ticking of the E-clock. The small study also found that the more years the person meditated, the more the E-clock was slowed (slower aging.) That's intriguing.

Here's to larger studies and conclusive evidence that mindfulness is good for longevity.


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