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B Calm B Zen is Still Here!

It's true. We haven't published a blog post in a while. A long while. When managing life, sometimes certain aspects, no matter how cherished, are put to the side. What never left, and was a great comfort and source of strength, were daily mindful moments. There may not be time to type but there is always time for 5 minutes, and when necessary, a 30 second carved out piece of time, for a mindful moment. Making time for mindfulness was put to the test but in reality, it wasn't a test. Knowing that a mindful moment or multiple mindful moments throughout the day (and night) are always available, not a day was missed.

Many birds and little critters were observed. The air was deeply breathed, A breeze upon the skin was appreciated. Sounds in the distance were noticed with great clarity. The roses were literally smelled.

During other moments, priorities were reconsidered. Time consuming, useless apps were cleared from the cell phone. Possessions that serve no function or enjoyment were shed. Friendships were reignited and toxic acquaintances avoided. Facebook, even for this website, felt counterproductive and even an irritation. It will be reconsidered.

Life is life. Some of it can be controlled and some of it cannot. During mindfulness, life does not stop and there is the pleasant and the not-so-pleasant that creeps into your thoughts. Go back to the beginning of your mindful practice teachings and focus on your breath and use your senses to focus on the present, for 30 minutes, 5 minutes, or 30 seconds. Take a moment to live in the present.


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