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Core Training for Beginners

Core Training, Cardio Training and Tai Chi can be practiced by most people but Core Training can be daunting. We've watched the fitness center commercials and online videos and what do we see? People barely out of their teen years with perfect bodies and designer workout clothes. Add to that expensive exercise machines and it's not encouraging to anyone that doesn't fit into that box. Bcalmbzen has done the work for you (research!) to find exercise that just about anyone can do.

We recommend finding a fitness center that "fits" your style and comfort level, a good trainer, and the fourth part of the puzzle, a healthy diet that you can follow and enjoy. Can you do all of this at home? Yes, but joining a community of like-minded people provides direction, encouragement, and proper form to avoid injury. Before considering a fitness center, it helps to know what programs you are seeking. Do they have a pool? Do you plan to use the pool? If yes, great. If not, that feature is not important. Do they offer beginner programs? Do they offer trainers? Do they offer Tai chi or Yoga or do you need to find a second center or school for that part of your training? Consider your schedule. No program will work if you don't show up. No home program will work if you don't put aside some time almost every day. Success depends on participation.

Tai Chi + Core + Cardio + Healthy Food = Improved wellness. It is possible. It is attainable.

Check this out:

“What does the workout look like? … the workout includes five exercises of which you will perform 10 reps of each move (or eight per side). There are four rounds to complete in total so make sure to take rests where needed.” Tom's Guide

We've introduced three parts of the puzzle here. A separate post will address Cardio. You can do it! Perfection is not the goal.

As always, discuss any exercise plan or diet changes with your doctor. They are your partner in this journey and the keeper of your records of success: weight, blood pressure, strength, A1C, inflammatory markers, etc. Nobody else has all of this information about you in one place. It's valuable to know and an important guide. "Try to eat better and exercise" is not advice, it's a slogan. It is up to you to start the real conversation. "This is what I am considering, doctor. What are your thoughts and recommendations? I value your medical expertise." When a medical provider hears that you are serious, they will (should) be excited to have this discussion. You will be amazed how supportive your doctor can be when you initiate this conversation!

Be well.


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