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Tai Chi for Amputees

Is is said that Tai chi is for everyone and it IS for almost everyone. There are Tai chi programs for people that need special modifications and they experience the benefits of Tai chi.

It is important to work with both your doctor and physical therapist to build the best possible program for your particular situation and that cannot be overstated. Doctor AND physical therapist! To get a sense of how specialized Tai chi is practiced, watch this video with two amputee Tai chi practitioners in a warm up session - one person is seated and one person is standing. Again, a physician and a physical therapist working together can make specific recommendations, which is crucial. They can recommend the preferred instructor or program. If you are not in need of a physical therapist or modifications, it is highly recommended that you have a serious conversation with your doctor! What are your goals? Improved balance, breathing, strength? Identify your goals and enjoy Tai chi!


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