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Tai Chi Pouring, Swinging, Drumming and More

The goal of Tai Chi pouring is to use the movement to feel your body. Pay attention to the soles of your feet and the sensations you feel as your feet are being massaged on the floor. The “full” leg is substantial, and the “empty” leg is insubstantial. Your feet are rooted and grounded. Although this exercise is gentle, be mindful of knee, back or any physical limitation, and of course, speak with your healthcare provider before you attempt a new exercise of any kind! We recommend that you watch the video and decide if you want to practice all of the movements or a selection of the nine. Remember the 70% Rule. Make movements that are 70% of what you can do rather than 100% to reduce the chance of pain or injury. When you combine the 70% Rule for Exercise and the 80% Rule for Diet, you have a great combination for a healthier you.

The video includes:

  • Pouring, Swinging and Drumming 0.00

  • Swinging to Integrate Whole Body 4:49

  • Hip Circles 6:35

  • Spiraling to Lower Extremities 9:04

  • Spinal Cord Breathing 11:44

  • Stretching the Hands and Arms 13.56

  • Sung Relaxation Breathing 16:23

  • The Dragon Wags His Tail 18:40

  • Washing Yourself with Healing Energy from Nature 23:10



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