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Tai chi - What the Moves Mean

Originally developed in ancient China for self-defense, tai chi evolved into a graceful form of exercise that's now used for stress reduction and to help with a variety of other health conditions. However...

Modern Yang Style 24 Form is inspired by the ancient fighting forms. There is room for interpretation for some moves. That is to say, not everyone agrees on the exact meaning. Ha! Let's jump into it anyway.


As an opponent is reaching for your throat, reach up, grab his arms and pull them down.

Part the Wild Horses Mane

A hand strikes the neck of your opponent.

White Crane Spread its Wings

Strike with left foot or rock back and strike with your hands.

Brush Knee

Block opponents kick with low hand, hit in face with high hand.

Play the Guitar

Block with both arms

Repulse the Monkey

When an opponent grabs your hand, use your free hand to push them away.

Ward Off Sequence

Block an opponent approaching from the left, grab their shoulders and pull them to the right, then left. Then push them away.

Single Whip

One hand snaps an opponent’s head back, the other hand blocks a second opponent.

Wave Hands Like Clouds

Upward/downward strike to break an opponent’s arm.

High Pat on Horse

Step forward to push the opponent away.

Kick, Smash and Box the Ears

Kick your opponent, then grab his head and smash it into your knee. Release him and punch on both sides of his head.

Snake Creeps Pheasant Stands

Strike to the opponent’s groin and blocking a strike.

Fair Lady Works the Shuttle

Block punches from straight on and above.

Pick the Needle up from the Sea Bottom

A groin shot, block, and push away.

Deflect, Intercept and Punch

Deflect your opponent’s hand attack and follow up with a punch.

Pushing Chi

Push your opponent in the ribcage.

Return the Tiger to the Mountain

Close the form. The fight is over. For now.

Peace - bcalmbzen blogger

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