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The "Balance" Form

There is so much to learn in Tai Chi. It's necessary for those that are new to Tai chi and those that have practiced for years to concentrate on balance. What we are calling the "Balance Form" doesn't need a lot of space or time to practice, but practice you must if you want to progress. This balance practice is applicable to The 8 Form, The 24 Form, The 40 Form, and The 108 Form (Yang Style.) It stresses the Principles of Tai Chi and it's the application of the Principles that produce the benefits of Tai Chi.

The Balance Form

Part I

Learning the Movements and the Principles

Columns (posture)

Substantial and Insubstantial (water flowing - full and empty)

Rotation (Moving from the Dan Tien, center of balance and power)

Rooted and Grounded (lower center of gravity) 

Eyes on the Horizon (your opponent) 

Part II

Flow of the Form - 10 Individual Movements that Flow Together

  • Preparation (open)

  • Lift Knee (L-R-L-R)

  • Brush Knee ( L-R-L-R)

  • Pheasant Stands (L-R-L)

  • Repulse the Monkey (x4)

  • High Pat on Horse

  • Kick/Smash/Box the Ears (R-L)

  • Deflect, Intercept & Punch/Pushing Chi

  • Return the Tiger to the Mountain, Wu Chi

  • Close 


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