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The Mindful Living Collective

There is a Mindful Living Collective that is accepting new members. Created by Elisha Goldstein, PhD, the introductory page of the website states that it provides:

  1. Live Mindful Living Circles to connect, share and learn with others throughout the week

  2. A Mindful Training Library to help build your practice, mediate anxiety and feel more confident

  3. Week Live Events and Meditations with Elisha and other teachers around topics relevant to building the strengths we need. 

You can find the website here and an article about the Collective in Forbes Magazine dated May 7, 2020 titled How To Live A Mindful, Present And Fulfilling Life.

Be prepared to provide your name and email address to "apply" to join the collective. Once accepted, a link is emailed to you. I'll be honest. A "collective" to me invokes images of the Borg in Star Trek. Nevertheless, I'm giving it a try. It looks promising. Hope to see you there.

The author of the Forbes article, Rob Dube, has a YouTube page offering mindfulness podcasts/videos.


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