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The Six Harmonies

The Harmonies of Tai Chi, also known as the Six Harmonies, are a set of principles used in Tai Chi to coordinate movements and align emotion and intention. They are divided into three external harmonies and three internal harmonies.

For more detailed understanding, you can check out this video:

Practicing the Harmonies of Tai Chi involves coordinating your movements and aligning your emotion and intention.

Here are some steps to guide you:

External Harmonies (san wai he)

1. The hands harmonize with the feet: Ensure that your hand movements are in sync with your foot movements.

2. The hips harmonize with the shoulders: Try to move your hips and shoulders together.

3. The elbows harmonize with the knees: Coordinate the movements of your elbows with your knees.

Internal Harmonies (san nei he)

1. The heart harmonizes with the intention: Align your emotions with your intentions.

2. The intention harmonizes with the Chi: Your intention should guide the flow of your Chi (energy).

3. The Chi harmonizes with the movement: The movement of your body should be guided by the flow of your Chi.

Remember, “Harmony” does not only mean “moving together” but also connotes a connection between the movements.

To see Harmony in action, check out this video:

These videos provide a visual guide on how to practice the Harmonies of Tai Chi. Remember, consistent practice is key to mastering Tai Chi. Enjoy your practice! 😊


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