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The Ten Essentials of Tai Chi - YouTube Video

Open the Door to Tai Chi offers some of their classes online for free (YouTube) as well as in- person and online subscriptions for a fee. This particular group of classes (free) features the Ten Essentials of Tai Chi and is good for any beginner, prior student that wants to restart their practice, or current students that want to review the Ten Essentials. Together with in-person training with a knowledgeable teacher, students can advance their understanding and fine tune their abilities. There are many Tai Chi classes and demonstrations online, but I recommend this master as particularly good. With a long history in the martial arts and a gift for leading 40+ year old groups of students, enjoy 5 hours of free instruction. There are a few commercials if you don't have a paid subscription to YouTube, but they are short and limited. Don't forget to find the right local instructor for you!

The Ten Essentials of Tai Chi

#1 - An intangible and lively energy lifts the crown of the head

#2 - Contain the chest and raise the back

#3 - Relax the waist

#4 - Distinguish insubstantial and substantial

#5 - Sink the shoulders and drop the elbows

#6 - Use consciousness, not strength

#7 - Upper and lower follow one another

#8 - Internal and external are united

#9 - Linked without breaks

#10 - Seek stillness in motion


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