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Living Space: Too Big, Too Small or Just Right?

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Cozy Room

BCBZ believes that mindfulness can be achieved in almost any environment. That said, there are books, television programs and articles that profess certain lifestyles, such as the Tiny House movement. A theme is that certain individuals are looking to achieve a lifestyle different than their current situation. They gave it thought and decided to rid themselves of the work, expense, and self imposed limitations of large house living. Good for them!

It's a great idea if you think it through. Can you live in a space where sitting up in bed means you will hit your head on the ceiling? Can you live in a space with your four large pets that trip over each other and you are tripping over them? Isn't 700 square feet plenty small? Why did you squeeze into 250 square feet? If you love it and you can carve out a space to relax, good. If you feel like the walls are falling in on you, it will be hard to be calm and happy. Do you live alone or with other people? How will this work for everyone?

Downsizing your living space forces you to sell, donate, recycle and trash objects that no longer serve your needs. Talk to someone with a large home and the income to afford a second home. They almost always talk about happy and relaxing times at the second/vacation home that is not nearly as large or luxurious as their primary home. If they can't make the investment, they rent that cabin in the woods, cottage by the lake, or even the timeshare at a resort. They go back year after year and in between talk about their plans for their next trip. Rarely do they talk about their primary residence while they're dreaming about that next trip to the cabin, camping trip or wherever their passion takes them.

What happens at those places? Why is the cottage better? Because it is a place to escape worries. Oh, you can't really escape your worries and issues and obligations. They are still there, even if you choose not to think about them. They are there upon return to your "real" life.

And this is our point. Why can't our real life be the best that we can make it? It can, and it takes thought and consideration about what is important and what is not. It means you must decide what you need, what you want, and what will make your life better. By better, we mean comfortable and content. And calm. And calm enough to be mindful. And zen.

If your home is full of "stuff" and there is so much that you keep more "stuff" in a storage unit and a friend's attic, it may be time to decide if objects are ruling your life. You don't have to get rid of anything if you don't want to - that is your decision. You can still be mindful. But we think that on your journey to be mindful, you will find less and less value in the objects that play little importance in your life.

Be calm, Be zen.


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