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The Moment

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Aquariums are great places to visit and spend some time admiring sea life. Zen music (think spa music) and gentle lighting surround you. There is a quiet and calm aura throughout the facility. There is great joy knowing that some of the inhabitants were rehabilitated/saved. There is great sadness to think that the majority were bred for the enjoyment of humans. I prefer to focus on the former rather than the later but not forget the later. The former: Creatures were saved and can be studied and admired within the safety of the aquarium.

Approaching the aquarium experience as a learning experience is the perfect mindful opportunity. Each exhibit deserves complete attention within the moment. What is this animal? How did it get here? What is their purpose in the ecosystem? What is the purpose of their coloring? Okay, those are the "educational" moments. Paying attention to the experience and living in that moment is the mindful moment. Watch how the fish, crab, seahorse, coral move, interact, react. It's calming. It's memorable.

And then your cell phone rings. That's okay. Move away from the exhibit and let others observe the sea life. Talk to the person that called you and be part of that moment. And when the call is over, move back to the tank and put your focus there.

This is not just for adults. There are children at the aquarium. Maybe they came with you. Take the time that you can looking into each area and encourage the children to look, really look at what is before them. If they are not interested in one thing and can't wait to get to another, move on to where their interests fall.

These are everyday situations. There are always interruptions, responsibilities, joy, sadness. You deserve to live each situation in the moment. Be mindful. Be calm. Be zen.


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