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Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Books - Mindfulness

You are busy. You want to make mindfulness part of your life. There are a couple of e-books that are worth your time and they are short, accurate, and to the point. This blogger would love to give you an overview of each but the legal jargon for e-books scared us away. We don't think that recommending them is cause for alarm, so here they are:

Mindfulness Made Simple, An Introduction to Finding Calm Through Mindfulness and Meditation. Published by Calistoga Press. It can be found in the Google Play book store. This is a handy "How To" book.

Secular Buddhism. Eastern Thought for Western Minds by Noah Rasheta. This e-book can be found on Amazon. It's 13 chapters that you can read in a couple of sittings. The author infuses real life stories from his own life. It's not just theory. And nobody is going to try and convince you to change your religion or, if you don't follow a religion, to pick one up. It's okay to be x-y-z and a Secular Buddhist. This is an uplifting book.

So there you have it, our current book recommendations. Chances are you will spend less than $10 to acquire both of these books. If you use coupons, points, memberships, etc. you may be able to read the books for zero, yes, zero dollars.

There are many acclaimed books out there written by well known writers. Some are good, some are dry, and some are confusing if you are new to meditation and mindfulness. B Calm B Zen is here to help! Follow our blog, like us on Facebook, and share this site with your friends and contacts.


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