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If you are Mindful When Times Are Good, then...

Things are going along just fine. Meditation/mindfulness sounds like a possible new hobby! You read about it in a book or online. It seems like a lot of work (especially if you read some of the complicated, life-long journey meditation books) and you aren't sure if it is for you. Then you decide to try "Mindful-Lite."

Mindful-Lite is not such a bad way to start. You practice the one minute, be mindful, be aware exercises. You learn a little bit about mindful breathing. You read more about mindfulness and start to accelerate your mindful practice. Over time, it becomes a part of you. And times are good. You can make time for this. It's a hobby!

Suddenly and beyond your control, things aren't going very well. Your life has become stressful and difficult. You find yourself surrounded by people and situations that are making life a challenge. And this should be the moment that you realize that you can employ what you know about mindfulness. The breathing, the living in the moment, the ability to take what is happening for what it is - without judging. Mindfulness will not solve problems or make them go away. Enhancing awareness might give clarity to the problem because you experienced it in a heightened way. It's the opposite of avoidance. The pain will be there. You are in the moment.

Now perhaps you use these stressful times in your life to practice Mindful-Lite or your extended mindfulness skills. Your life still has unpleasantness. But now you know that you can be mindful throughout the day. You can step away, not ignore, your situation and calm yourself. You can be mindful when times are good and when they are not so good. Some situations can be remedied. Some can't, hence the pain. Could this be when you discover purpose? Perhaps. The comfort comes from knowing that mindfulness is part of you - in good times and in bad.


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