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What is Inner Beauty?

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Compassion and Courage

Inner beauty exists. It's not a label for a person that lacks the attributes that any one society applies to physical appearance. Physical beauty is opinion. Inner beauty radiates and is visible to those around you.

Physical beauty is subjective and fades over time. Inner beauty is altruism and generosity and courage. It can get stronger with time. Physical beauty is a genetic gift. Inner beauty is also a gift - you are who you are.

Inner beauty gives you peace. Inner beauty is what people remember about you and how they think of you when they describe you. Inner beauty cannot be achieved with surgical intervention, cosmetics or designer clothes.

Inner beauty is gender, age, and ethnicity neutral. Everyone has the ability to cultivate their inner beauty. If it is not cared for, it can be warped, distorted, destroyed. Reflect and meditate about who you really are and what parts of your inner self are the most important. You will find truth. You will find peace. You will be beautiful.


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