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Mindfulness in a Crisis

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Sun through the clouds over the mountains

There are unexpected events that change your world. They are sudden, surprising, difficult, and change everything. At best, they don't change everything forever or change life for the worse. But when you first recognize a crisis, it's time to address it. It requires attention above all other obligations, schedules, financial concerns, or emotions.

Here is this all consuming event and there is time for nothing else. Or everything else is juggled around it. It's the worst time to push aside mindfulness. It's the best time to use breathing techniques. It's the best time to step back for a moment to, while you are panicking, calm yourself by pushing away thoughts and reactions. It's understanding the difference between ignoring a crisis and choosing to face it with a clear mind.

A crisis can be followed by a second and then a third crisis. It feels crushing. Perhaps the responsibilities of addressing a crisis are completely on you. The choice to address a crisis and use mindfulness to stave off panic might just help you to handle the situation as your best self. And to survive.


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