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Mindful More Than Ever

The world is challenging and mindfulness is part of my daily ritual to clear my mind. Sitting outside and focusing on the leaves on the trees, a squirrel eating an acorn, or listening to the wind and just living in the moment is calming. It doesn't solve global issues or personal problems. Mindfulness is not magic.

Whatever a person's beliefs may be - religious, political, philosophical, etc., I can only hope that those beliefs are rooted in a calm review of the facts. I can only hope that you understand that the more outrageous a social media post, the more likely that it is for the purpose of raising money for the originator of the post. Clicks and shares usually are not related to kindness or help for your fellow man. Clicks and shares are many times a reaction to bizarre statements and photos. They are an echo chamber. Such posts might be rooted in hate, and at worst they encourage violence. American's will call it freedom of speech, and Americans do have freedom of speech. Is it your speech or just parroting someone else?

I don't believe that a constant diet of hate and misinformation lends itself to good health or a happy life. I prefer facts, even when I don't like what they reveal. I like thinking for myself, but I am always open to advice and information from those that truly have more knowledge about a subject. In the end, I make my own decisions and I make those decisions after considering how they will affect those around me. Most importantly, before I make a decision, I spend a mindful moment to clear my mind, live in the moment, and produce a level of clarity that otherwise would not exist. I don't fool myself that a moment of mindfulness will result in a perfect or correct decision. I do know that after a moment of calm, my decision is the best that I personally can offer.

Practicing mindfulness and using it to help you through the day is a lot of work. With practice, it becomes easier over time. Using basic breathing exercises is a good way to start. It is a long journey, and after a year, you will still be a beginner. How you react to the world and the challenges it offers requires all the help you can get and mindfulness can be the best help of all.

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